Mobile Emotion Europe is the link between brand companies and their end-users.

As well as driving sales within Europe, we supply a wide range of services that naturally benefit of all our business relationships.

Our strength is that we think European but act local. We respect the local business culture by having local dedicated people to ensure sales and marketing support in each European country. Business in Europe can’t be seen as general. Each country or region has their own business attitude, approach and behavior.
Next to sales and marketing, we advice our brand partners in their warranty process. We believe that this is at the end the key success factor to all parties involved. European reversed logistics and local repairs are services which we source out to ensure success and to maintain the trustworthy of the brand and their products. Our experience in this field demonstrates huge benefits for the brand company and our customers.

The market of the mobile telecommunication is fast changing. Innovations are constantly generated and are launched into the market in quick succession. Yesterday’s novelty is old today and forgotten tomorrow.

We are  closely watching the market to keep informed and be up to date about the latest techniques and developments.

We gain our information in four ways:
1.    maintaining close contacts with external market analysts.
2.    intensive cooperation with projects of our customers (local and international mobile operators, distributors, retailers)
3.    pro-active surveillance of market developments.
4.    direct feedback from our customers and user groups.

We like to predict the philosophy ‘if you can’t share, you can’t multiply’ which is not only meant on profit and success sharing but also for sharing information, ideas and knowledge. This makes the corporation between us and all of our partners strong and intensive.

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