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Welcome to the website of Mobile Emotion Europe.

Mobile Emotion Europe is the sales and marketing partner for new brand players on the European market who operates in the niches of the mobile industry.
We are based with our headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and have strong committed and dedicated people whole over Europe.

Mobile Emotion Europe is the company of choice when it comes to fully maximising the sales en marketing in the European market.
Due our expertise and many years of experience, dealing with local and international mobile operators, distributors and retailers, we are aware of every party’s goals, demands and objectives; this stands true for our brand partners as well as our sales channels.

We apply this knowledge in our daily activities, resulting in mutually profitable solutions for all of our partners.
As well as providing the infrastructure to maximize the profitable flow of products or services in the European market, we are equipped to facilitate the link between brand company and end-user. These links shorten the communication lines which is a huge benefit for all involved.
By creating stabile foundation for our brand partners and their products we continue to build together a trustworthy name within Europe.
Our company philosophy is focused on long term results. Using the motto ‘for each other, with each other’ we continuously keep putting our efforts into creating and continuing healthy business relationships.
By working with ‘Mobile Emotion Europe’ in an honest and transparent way, we will jointly drive long term growth and success.

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